Salesforce applications essentially transform your company’s mode of operation by deliberating on your Customer and Worker Experience. Yet, it takes the totality to find out the true ability of these applications. Thus, adopting salesforce applications enables your organization to enjoy enhanced efficiency and gain palpable results.

Wethink Solutions provide all-inclusive Salesforce consulting services with a goal to make you adopt the globally leading CRM platform with an all-embracing array of innate advantages for your business needs.

Salesforce Consulting Services We Offer

WTS has been in the industry for over a decade now, and we have the required expertise and experience to cater to the different needs of the client. Wethink’s tech ninjas are skilled and proficient at delivering Salesforce flagship products which include the following-

1. Sales Cloud

  • Increased Deal Earnings through Sales Cloud

We assist you in accelerating and ensuring smooth-running of various stages of sales, right from management of leads to reporting and analytics. The WTS CRM solution is one of the best-in-class, and we are accomplished to provide a precise forecast. We at Wethink Solutions understand that your investment in CRM technology should be useful and result in the generation of more leads, establishing intelligent decisions, accelerating your team’s efficiency, and lastly, helping you to clinch deals in huge numbers. Continually we also ensure that you offer an incredible experience for both your workers and customers.

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Quote to Cash

We give them authority to your sales team with flexible pricing plans and proposals that are highly effective in winning deals and drive a successful growth with our comprehensive CPQ solutions on the Salesforce platform.We have expertise in assisting you to eliminate the dependency on manual worksheets and deal desks. We are highly efficient in cost reduction and revenue wastage through the removal of errors and overheads from manually quoted procedures. We also get involved in achieving a faster deal movement with advanced and flexible pricing mechanisms. We also similarly offer your Finance and Operations teams improved visibility to pricing, close ratios, and profit.

2. Service Cloud

  • Enhance Customer Experience through Service Cloud

We are highly efficient in delivering personalized cross-channel services and equip our workers with the required equipment and tools to enhance and convert customer experience.We believe and rely on a well-known fact, i.e., the basic success driving force in the digital age is customer experience. Combining our technological competence, mobile expertise, inventive abilities, and compatibility onto a unified stage like Salesforce allows us to help you in transforming the digital customer experience to newer and elevated echelons.

  • Field Service Lightning

We transport our services directly to the field location where your workers are exactly placed to serve your customers. We also assist you in online or offline task execution and fulfillment, the increment of first-attempt fix rates, optimal planning of schedules and routes, and turning services into a consistent and constant revenue inrush mechanism.

3. Marketing Cloud

  • Engagement of Consumers with Marketing Cloud

We let marketers to stage-manage marketing campaigns across different channels, control and manage marketing assets and customer navigations, and also carry out the extraction of actionable reports to achieve tactical marketing necessities.Bearing the fact that there will be a change in the purchasing behavior of customers and their demands, we will guide you through the process of how the Marketing cloud can facilitate you to create ad deliver personalized experiences and communications that would enable your customers to stick to your brand.

  • Community Cloud

We assist and create a connectivity bond among your workers, customers, and partners with enthralling digital experience.Access to knowledge, peer-to-peer relationship, and self-service tools are major expectations of customers, workers, and partners alike with consumer class experience. We at WTS embed and utilize Community Cloud on the Salesforce platform to achieve all the above aspects.

  • Persona-Driven

We fabricate this complete Community Cloud of key personality and take into consideration all their current experiences. In this manner, we identify their requirements and concern areas and look into multiple opportunities for innovation to address them in a detailed manner.

  • User Experience-oriented

We evaluate all the steps that are involved in the formation of digital user experience for achieving optimum end-user participation and endorsement.

  • Intelligent and Futuristic-thinking

We offer this service through the inclusion of quick configuration and modification criteria based on authentic templates, industry know-how, layouts, and features of the technology.

  • Salesforce Lightning

This feature facilitates an easy buildup of an interactive, contemporary and profit-worthy digital community of partners, customers, and employees.It is incorporated with pre-designed accelerators and digital assets for quick community creation. It enables the build of smart communities that have seamless access to proven solutions and embedded skills by configuring required need-based processes.

Besides implementing Salesforce solutions, we also work out your business challenges by bringing forth our cross-platform and industry-specific expertise. Our consultants capitalize on automated Cloud-based marketing technology and sales. Thus, you get a first-rate solution in terms of both performance and scalability that follows your business strategy and routine tasks.

Why Should you Choose Wethink Solutions for Salesforce Consulting Services?

Listed below are some of the main/key reasons for you to choose us for your Salesforce consulting service needs –

  • Simultaneous Employee and Customer Satisfaction

We are known to deliver the best standards of customer experience and satisfaction with the creation of the latest and impressive employee self-satisfaction and happiness.

  • Integrated and United Strategy and its Execution

We provide totally coherent and consolidated teams for the delivery and execution of design, strategy, technology, and changes as we believe that strategy and execution will always and at every level work combinedly.

  • Innovation in Business Objective Fulfilment

We assist every industry in uncovering the talent of achieving the difficult business objectives and goals by proactively creating inventive resources and introducing them into the client’s solutions.

  • Delivery Program Excellence

We offer the services of every project through our proprietary cloud application framework accompanied by careful due diligence, which enables us to track the progress of the project and collaborate in a forthright and transparent manner with all our customers.

  • Enterprise Technology Knowledge Acquisition

We assist businesses to seamlessly navigate through the complexities of the bequest and cloud technologies with our unmatchable technical experience and expertise in the management and operations of both the systems.

  • Add-ons of Salesforce
  • Add-ons

That are considered an important segment of any regular Salesforce deployment broaden and enhance the platform’s operability and usher in fresh merits to your sales and marketing actions. We at Wethink Solutions can guide you in selecting your individual options from the third-party add-ons, encompassing those available on AppExchange as well, and boost distinct Salesforce components alongside your needs.

  • Affordable Salesforce Solutions

As a frontrunning Salesforce consulting company, we aid you in choosing the most relevant and cost-effective licensing option as per the scope and needs of your business. We offer you an estimate of our project price instantly after collecting and assessing your requirements.

  • Information Security

We are certified organization which ensures that your data is completely safe with us.

  • Single Point of Contact A

Our dedicated project manager assigned to you will be the single point of contact for all your needs 24/7 and will keep you updated with the latest project updates.

  • Experienced Team

The team of WTS comprises of highly proficient and experienced and software developers and consultants who can deliver the results within a quick time.

  • Ease of Scalability

Our services are easily scalable and can be ramped up with ease as and when the requirement arises.

  • Best Infrastructure

We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of the latest tools and technologies, uninterrupted network connections, and world-class office spaces.

Outsource Salesforce Consulting Services to Wethink Solutions

Wethink Solutions is a leading provider of a series of custom software development services. Salesforce applications have serious implications that cannot be ignored. Hence, it is essential for all businesses to embrace salesforce applications to enjoy an advantage over the competition. And this is where Wethink solutions help you. Our result-oriented and vastly experienced team takes care of all your requirements and delivers customized solutions.