Xamarin is predominantly a highly robust development tool, and we at Wethink Solutions make use of its powerful features to build high-class cross-platform and native apps. The use of Xamarin enables developers to use the same language, data structure, and APIs on different platforms and target them with a shared codebase of C#. WTS has been a pioneer in providing Xamarian development services and is recognized as a leading Xamarin developer in India. We have all the abilities to develop cross-platform mobile apps for major platforms, which include Android, Windows, and iOS, through Xamarin.

Native apps are famous for providing the best user experience and performance output. On the other hand, cross-platform native apps are hugely time-consuming to develop and extremely require high efforts. Through the use of Xamarin, you can deploy cross-platform mobile apps that would enable you to reuse more than 75% code and also develop single instances of mobile apps in C# and deploy it on an iOS, Windows or Android environment equally well.

Wethink’s Xamarin Mobile Application Development Services

The team of WTS Xamarin, cross-platform application development experts, uses the Xamarin platform to create accurately native and enterprise-grade mobile apps for all your industrial needs. We utilize the Xamarin test cloud to test the consistency and robustness of these apps, and only upon successful test result, we consider the application ready for deployment and release.

Acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft has made it easier for developers to work on Visual Studio, which can integrate Xamarin natively to ensure fully compliant .NET portable class libraries. Xamarin is not only assists to develop and design mobile apps, but also has the ability to suitably integrate and test apps while using pre-built backend connectors and native user interfaces. Few of the services we provide are:

✓ Mobile App Development leveraging Xamarin Cross-platform.
✓ Mobile Strategy and Consultation using Xamarin Cross-platform.
✓ iOS App Development using Xamarin.
✓ Android App Development using Xamarin.

✓ Windows App Development through Xamarin.
✓ Mobile App Testing Using Xamarin Test Cloud.
✓ Xamarin.Forms Mobile App Interface Development.
✓ Xamarin Crash Reporting and Distribution.

Xamarin’s Native Look and Feel

Xamarin being a cross-platform mobile app development tool still exhibits the look and feel of native apps. The reasons for this are enlisted below

1. Native User Interfaces

The apps using Xamarin are built with native and standard user interface controls. This helps the apps to not only look the way the end-user expects but perform that way too.

2. Native API Access

The Xamarin apps have complete access to the complete range of functionality revealed by the original platform and device, which includes platform-specific capabilities like Android and iBeacons Fragments.

3. Native Performance

Xamarin apps make the best use of platform-specific hardware acceleration and are compiled for enhancement of native performance. This feature can’t be achieved with other app solutions because they interpret the code at runtime.

Inimitable Features of Xamarin

Xamarin is an extremely powerful and widely recognized cross-platform application development platform through which we can build native as well as hybrid apps. The reasons behind its incredible popularity are some exclusive features listed below:

1. Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

Xamarin uses a single codebase for Android, iOS, and Windows. Developers will be able to share the code anywhere, use the same language, APIs, data structures, etc. to share an average of 75% of app code across all mobile development platforms.

2. Attractive Native UIs

Through the use of Xamarin, developers can create 100% native app interfaces that can be customized for each platform. Xamarin can be used to enhance code sharing or use native designers for Android and iOS when we want to optimize for custom UIs.

3. Develop Apps on Multiple Operating Systems

The Developers can either use a fully-featured and extensible IDE on Windows, Xamarian studio on OS X or Visual Studio, which comprises of UI designers, code editing enhancements, debugging and publishing tolls, etc. to fulfill multi-platform development.

4. Xamarin Test Cloud

Using the Xamarin test cloud, you can automate your app testing on 2000 real devices in the cloud. Developers can test everything that users can probably do, from pinching and swiping to scrolling and double-tapping. Through the help of step-by-step memory and performance testing, they can automatically find performance troubles on any OS.

5. Enterprise-grade Mobile Apps

The use of Xamarin and Visual Studio provides you with everything that enables you to deliver world-class enterprise, mobile apps such as optimization and profiling and test authoring and execution, bug fixing with live inspection, on real devices with the help of Xamarin Test Cloud.

6. Comprehensive Mobile Lifecycle Solution

The Xamarin Mobile Lifecycle Solution consists of all the pieces of strategies for your mobile development: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, Microsoft Azure, HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, and Xamarin University.

Why Choose Wethink for Xamarin Development Services?

Being the leading provider of Xamarin mobile app development services, WTS caters to a wide range of services to worldwide clients at most cost-effective rates. Few reasons for you to opt WTS for high-quality Xamarin mobile development services include:

✓ The WTS team of coders, programmers, and testers possess the required expertise to cater to your needs of developing cross-platform apps for Windows, Android, or iOS.
✓ We accord priority our client’s needs and aim to create native UI across various platforms.
✓ Through the use of Xamarin, it enables us to accelerate our application creation process and offer our services within a swift turnaround time.
✓ We will assign you with a dedicated project manager who will inform you through every phase of the Xamarin app development process and remains a single point of contact for all your needs.
✓ We utilize Xamarin test cloud and automate the testing process to ensure the quality of our apps doesn’t decline.
✓ We assist you and provide you with cost-effective Xamarin development service which is our brand.

Hire Xamarin Developers from Wethink Solutions

Wethink Solutions is a globally renowned firm and in assisting our clients in providing them with mobile apps using C#, Objective C, VB, and .NET framework, which makes us a competent Xamarin app development company. We have undertaken various hybrid app development challenges and served various clients globally. We have catered to their customer’s specific needs and have provided them with bespoke mobile apps as per their needs. Our expertise in this industry is about a decade, and We develop mobile apps catering to your requirements on various platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.