The ever-changing technologies and rapid-paced advancements necessitate the need to offer innovative solutions to existing problems, and this aptly justifies the increasing demand for corporate training programs. The Corporate IT programs rightly address the skill development needs of your human resources and ensure that they become more productive and fly ahead in their career, and also help you outshine your organizational goals.

It is a well-known fact that the productivity of your resources is directly linked to the amount of skill and motivation they own, and therefore, it is important to conduct corporate IT training programs on a regular basis for your workforce.

Our Service Portfolio

WTS offers comprehensive training services to deal with the IT training needs of organizations. Outsource your corporate IT training needs to WTS.Our range of services include the following.

1. Project-oriented Preparatory Program

Do your resources lack the important skills to take up the next project or assignment? If the reason for your concern is the same, the WTS project-oriented preparatory program is what can address your concern. The project-oriented preparatory program is designed fundamentally on the lines that we initially identify the upcoming projects and the skills required for those. We then impart an all-inclusive training in these skills to your resources and see it to that they become highly competent and confident to deal with the projects. These are not generic skill enhancement programs but focus only on increasing the capabilities required for completion of the project.

2. Updation of Skills Program

Through the WTS Updation of skills program, we aim to enhance the skills of your resources on any exclusive technology, software updates, or new software versions to the latest versions that are available in the domain. This enables your resources to take up projects that are based on the latest technologies and successfully deliver as per your requirements.

3. Certification Programs

The WTS team of certified and experienced trainers is adept at delivering certification courses to your resources on a range of technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, Java CISCO, RedHat Linux, and many more. We also have the facility to facilitate numerous mock tests for your employees to make them adept at cracking these certification courses easily.

4. Work Readiness Training Program

One of the most common issues that companies find difficulty in is the HR ROI that is highly effected by fresh recruits, as they have a lengthy learning curve, and on average, it almost takes six months for them to get job-ready. Through WTS work readiness corporate training program that is specifically designed to make your fresh recruits work ready in the least possible time, we ensure enhanced productivity and business ROI.

Why Choose Us for Corporate Training & Development?

WTS is highly reputed for its expertise and experience in providing exhaustive IT training programs for globally renowned corporate clients. There are numerous reasons as to why WTS is preferred for providing corporate training and development programs for their resources. Listed below are a few of the reasons -

1. Highly Experienced and Certified Trainers

The team of trainers at WTS is richly experienced and certified on various technologies like Oracle, Java, Microsoft, Linux, SAP, etc., with experience in corporate training of almost a decade. Our trainers are highly adept and stick to the objectives while handling corporate training programs.

2. Completely Customized Training Programs

Having an enormous experience in providing corporate training programs has helped WTS understand the difference between corporate training programs and academic& professional training programs. Corporate training programs require a high amount of customization and are highly objective-driven. We ensure to aim at a faster outcome.

3. Exclusive Pedagogy

The vast experience WTS possesses has helped us to develop a unique training methodology that enhances the overall training experience and effectiveness of the corporate training programs. WTS believes in certain aspects that increase the overall effectiveness of the training programs, and a few are listed below -

✓ Participants Experience.
✓ Assessment patterns.
✓ The skill level that needs to be provided (basic to intermediate or intermediate to advanced etc.).
✓ Timing of the training.
✓ Duration of the training.

4. After-training Support

The team of trainers ensures that your resources shall continue to enjoy our expert support after training, and see that they practically put to use the skills that they have gained during the course of the training.

5. Affordable Solutions

WTS corporate training solutions are highly cost-effective that are based on your skill enhancement and budgetary objectives. We have catered to the needs of small start-ups to multi-nationals too.

Outsource your Corporate IT Training Requirements to Wethink Solutions

Is training your resources on mind? Now training your resources is just three simple steps away -

✓ Training requirements sharing with us.
✓ WTS team of expert trainers will speak to you and design a training program that meets your requirements, and that is specific to your needs and maximize effectiveness as per your objectives.
✓ Sharing of the approximate cost estimate and delivery of the training either on-site or off-site as per your needs and requirements.