Microservices are those software components that are applied to activate a solitary business process by decoupling and deploying from your existing bequest system. It primarily unites with conventional and prominent interfaces, besides having individual data storage. One of the notable fact and a user-friendly feature of Microservices is that the architecture of the legacy systems can be kept untouched as per your choice, yet provide the flexibility of utilizing the microservices for quick innovations and deployment somewhere else, particularly the Cloud.

We, at WTS, emphasize on breaking monolith and bequest architectures into simpler and decoupled components and induce a liberating experience. The Microservices offered by WTS primarily focus on these tiny building blocks, providing them with obvious dexterity, easy modifications, polyglot capability, and a scope to understand complex and larger systems intuitively. Through WTS microservices, you can gain microservice-endowed APIs from legacy systems within the shortest times.

Wethink Solutions’ List of Microservices Solutions

WTS extends a helping hand to enterprises to carry out overhauling of legacy IT systems through the deployment of resilient, nimble handed, and independent Microservices applications. WTS possesses the required expertise and skill to develop administration API platforms to deliver visibility, security, reliability, and adaptability required for Microservices architecture to function with enhanced competence and efficacy.

The Microservices and API solutions offered by WTS enable companies to achieve fast iteration, eased deployment, and significantly shortened time-to-the market. The key services offered by WTS are –

✓ Feasibility analysis and comprehension of Microservices.
✓ Presence of a Dedicated Center of Excellence (DCOE) for PaaS, Microservices, and Containerization.
✓ Artifacts and Re-usable assets for speedier implementation and increased learning curve.
✓ Highly Powerful proprietary frameworks for custom-built Microservices.
✓Availability of Robust partner affiliations and open-source platform, independent of technology and vendor intervention.
✓ Pre-Existing and Pre-integrated infrastructure and facilities for microservices.
✓ The WTS backend service accelerator that represents the communication link between enterprise systems and user touchpoints.

What is the significance of Microservices? Why do they Matter?

Following are a few reasons as to why Microservices matter to businesses is listed below –

1. Facilitates Teams to be Responsive and extra engaging Towards customer Necessities

The Companies that adopt Microservices bequest architecture have the advantage of being empowered with the ability to swiftly transfer skills and experience to customers when the need arises and doesn’t constrain with definite release schedules.

2. Enhancement in Software team throughput

Microservices that are developed on the propositions of Agile and DevOps aid software teams to work in synchronous mode at the same time as recapitulating on discrete abilities without any delays.

3. Facilitates Organizational systems to perform with better Scalability and reliability

The deployment of a gainful and an effective microservices architecture stands out to be a continual process. It also primarily and entirely depends on repetitive automation, ratifies detailed scalability of services, and places patterns to use that is chosen to maintain the system without any interruption and see that the system functions even if any failure occurs in the individual components.

Benefits of WTS Microservices Disposition

We at WTS offer independent services that have separate maintenance and developmental aspects and benefits, letting your business to experience a notable enhancement in terms of growth and efficiency.

1. Efficiency

Experience an enhancement in your organizational productivity through our Microservices. We make it possible through reuse of key components, and this would, in turn, result in increased flexibility and reduction of complexity and convolutedness of all your bequest and software applications.

2. Dependability

WTS microservices are completely monitored and controlled independently to one another, and through this, we achieve redundancy in operations and ensure the risk of failure of the entire application through a single component is completely mitigated. Thus, WTS fortifies highly reliable software.

3. Sustainability

We ensure the incorporation of fresh components into your custom software through an unwavering focus on individual components and thereby ensuring cost-efficient functional upgradation of application.

4. Success

WTS customized software applications are entirely designed so as to aid and bestow success in all your future and upcoming projects. If you are in need of custom software to suit your requirements and needs, trust us, and walk-in to WTS, we will guide you through the entire process with ease and in a cohesive way.

Why Choose Wethink Solutions for Microservices?

Listed below are a few reasons as to why you should choose us for Microservices-

1. Solitary Tool and Solitary Step

WTS possesses the required expertise and can assist you in the creation of Microservices in the form of an API that has built-in features like integral application, rules, and security features. Just in one step, you can construct legacy API, and business processes can be introduced as microservices. Through this Solitary tool and step offers your company immense benefits instantly.

2. Instinctive Creation of Microservices

WTS generated completely automated microservices that have self-contained Java constituent, which incorporates a typical interface that manages a domain for tinier problems. For storage of data, it has an in-built SDK which is connected back to data or business process on the core bequest applications.

3. No Amendments to Legacy Systems

The microservices offered by WTS come with a specific standard and lightweight code and do not require any further modifications for mainframe apps at the backend.

4. Decouple and Standardize

WTS provides a completely automated and standard process of functional decoupling of monolithic core apps through the formation of primary microservices architecture and using it as an expansive reserve of data without any alterations.

5. No Intermediate Layers to Interact and Confuse With

WTS architecture involves no middle layers like MQ and ESBs, thereby minimizing the development cycle and also ensure cost savings.

6. Highly Flexible Services

With WTS decoupled microservices, we assist you in launching the latest and indispensable digital services while similarly having the litheness and margin to effectuate the prospective migration of your legacy architecture and/or expansion of your Cloud strategy. Furthermore, our heterogenous new microservices decrease your expected cost of ownership.

7. Stay Away from Decentralized Application Monoliths

The preferred mode of working in WTS is exceptionally dissimilar to other sundry types of typical “Integration Microservices” as proposed by various vendors, which makes you essentially wind up in a “decentralized monolith” situation with interdependent microservices.

8. Spectacular Performance

For the sole reason that we steer clear through a highly complex architectural layer, WTS microservices are exceptionally fast. We have the expertise and offer you legacy systems that can enhance your transaction response time manifolds.

9. Affordable Microservices

With the option of clients only paying for those services they opt for, the resources and tools used, we offer our clients with most cost-affordable pricing options.

10. Information Security

WTS is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified organization that ensures and speaks volumes of our commitment to the safekeeping of clients’ data.

11. Multiple Delivery Centers

The presence of multiple delivery centers that are spread across varied time zones enables us to deliver the services within swift turnaround time.

12. Experienced Team

The presence of a team of highly experienced and skilled software developers and microservices specialists enables us to deliver the required services in a quick time.

13. 24/7 Availability

We at WTS assign a dedicated project manager who will assist you and remains a single point of contact for all your needs and would be available 24/7 via phone or email to address all your issues.

14. Best-in-Class Infrastructure

WTS has access to best-in-class infrastructure in terms of uninterrupted networks, contemporary tools, and technologies and world-class office spaces.

Outsource your Microservices needs to WTS

WTS has been a pioneering leader and experienced service provider in the domain of not just proprietary enterprise and software development solutions but also varied project management models and has catered to the needs and requirements of various organizations and has immensely benefitted them. We constantly support your activities and strengthen them to determine the realms where microservices can promptly and ably work for your business. We primarily carry out a process evaluation to assist you in recognizing your objectives and goals., and then recommend a scalable software that suits your goals and objectives aptly.

The team of Microservices developers at WTS will assist you with all-inclusive insights in Microservices architecture both on a long-term and short-term basis. We have been getting awarded great projects and contracts from large firms and enterprises as our approach to carry out legacy API and fabricate Microservices is a level beyond the other peers in the industry.