The rapid rate at which mobile phones and apps are growing, smartphones have become an inevitable part of cellular technology and have become an inseparable part of the digital economy. Economic transactions are no more a face-to-face affair; rather, they have become online, thereby enabling consumers to carry out transactions even from the remote places at preferred time and place. The said rapid growth in the wireless infrastructure, one of the most important fields which stand out to gain the most is mobile-based commerce. The current day trends in the field of m-Commerce include applications, middleware, and wireless networks, all of which come together to provide a range of varied services such as financial services, location, and user-specific advertising, inventory management, in-app purchases, etc.

Wethink solutions provides businesses m-Commerce development solutions to clients suiting their needs, and we cater to both mobile applications as well as mobile websites. We suppose that a concrete mobile strategy is indispensable for the growth of any business, and our experienced and professional team of m-commerce developers ensure that we deliver idyllic mobile e-commerce solutions that our clients are looking for any sort of niche.

WTS m-Commerce Development Services

The team of m-commerce developers at WTS is competent in delivering solutions according to customer needs, which are not just limited to simple mobile apps for online shopping but also beyond the client’s needs. We not only cater to your complete integration needs of existing product catalogs, logistic and shipping methods, inventory, payments, etc., but also incorporate essential features such as real-time barcode scanners for the latest price information, etc., all within the app itself. Enlisted below are our services-

1. M-Commerce Shopping Platforms

We are capable and have the required expertise to create fast, fluid, HTML5, and CSS based mobile shopping platforms for a range of e-commerce sites. The know-how and in-depth knowledge of customer preferences and browsing patterns allow us to create the ideal mobile e-commerce shopping platform, which enhances your brand name and project your products on the center stage. We consider working with the lineage of mobile web technology and are completely responsive designs. Make sure we achieve enhanced customer response and satisfaction. Our range of services include-

✓ Mobile e-commerce Platform (both B2B and B2C).
✓ Auction and Seller Website m-Commerce Solutions.
✓ Location-based e-Retail Solutions.
✓ Companion Apps for Brand Stores.

2. M-Commerce Apps

Wethink solutions is known for developing gripping mobile commerce apps, and it is a piece of cake for us. We possess the know-how on how the technology evolves, and accordingly, we ensure we incorporate the latest features imbibed in the app in order to ensure customers always have access to the things they need the most. From incorporating beacons to digital payment wallets, barcode scanners, shopping carts, and secure checkouts within the app itself, we ensure your customers always remain satisfied. We can build exceptionally functional m-Commerce apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, amongst others. The list of our services include –

✓ M-Commerce Money Transfer Apps.
✓ Apps for e-commerce Platforms (B2B and B2C).
✓ Travel Apps.
✓ Online Bookings and Reservation Apps.
✓ Entertainment and Ticket Booking Apps.
✓ Apps with in-app purchases.

All the apps designed/built by us feature high-quality images and videos, on-device cart and checkout options, social sharing and pinning options, wish list integration, real-time notifications, etc. and make it the most convenient to be used.

3. Other Mobile Commerce Development Solutions

The m-Commerce development is a large field, and accordingly, we have an experienced team that can assist our clients and customizes the services as per the requirements of them. Experience the advantage of having a rock-solid foundation for your app, based on which you can deliver useful products, content, offers, and tweak your customers’ experience and their retention rates through our mobile e-commerce services.We can assist you with –

✓ M-Commerce Website and Theme Design.
✓ Shopping Cart Customizations.
✓ M-Commerce Development Consultation.
✓ M-Commerce CRM Solutions.

Technical Expertise – Mobile Commerce Development

We always believe in staying abreast of the latest technologies. The team of developers at WTS comes with a minimum of 5 years of experience and is proficient and skilled in various mobile and web development technologies, which allow them to build the best in class and high-quality mobile e-commerce Solutions. A few of our capabilities include-

Why Choose WTS for Mobile Commerce Services?

The Wethink m-Commerce services would help you to make the most of your services while reducing the development costs. Wethink solutions, rather than being a vendor, we assist as your strategic partner to get your business keep moving and reach heights. The mobile apps and responsive web designs, created by us are optimized for pace, ease of use, and navigation, while ensuring device capabilities are always kept within the check. The following are the key differentiators of Wethink solutions-

✓ We provide you with Latest mobile web designs which are developed and maintained keeping in mind your existing service offerings.
✓ We ensure all the apps have Comprehensive location-based marketing feature which engages your customers by providing them real-time information about offers and more.
✓ Real-time, geo-fenced social media interactions for an increase of brand awareness, along with the ability to run integrated email campaigns.
✓ Push notifications which are customized to your customers' preferences.
✓ Integration of powerful mobile engagement engines to track all single-channel events in real-time.
✓ We also provide you with a 24/7 support and maintenance services as per your option.
✓ The use of Agile development methodologies enables us to reduce development times.
✓ Cost-effective services which ensure you can get-to-market in time and achieve a better ROI.

Choose Wethink Solutions for High-Quality Mobile Commerce Services

Wethink solutions has been in the industry for about and over a decade and a half and development services for mobile apps, we bring to the table a greater amount of expertise and skill. By outsourcing your mobile development/m-commerce needs to us, you can be assured that all your m-Commerce requirements will be met with ease with us. With the number of people using smartphones to carry out their daily activities like online shopping to banking transactions scales up, we assist you by developing a highly evolved mobile strategy that would help you surpass your competitors.