We cater to the Technology Professional needs of organizations and help them to retain the Topmost talent.It is always considered one of the most difficult tasks to get engineering talent that has the exact technical expertise and skills you are looking for is a common problem often faced by organizations. Through our to WTS IT staffing solutions, we provide IT staffing solutions to top IT companies and shortening their search in finding apt IT talent.

IT Recruitment options offered by WTS:

✓ Direct Hire Recruitment.
✓ IT Staff Augmentation.
✓ Contract to Hire Recruitment.
✓ Full-time-equivalent Recruiting (FTE).

✓ Managed Staffing.
✓ Software Engineering Consulting.
✓ Staffing for IT project team.

Wethink Solutions Staffing Process

We follow a well-defined and streamlined process for IT recruitment and Staffing and ensure that there are no hassles whatsoever, and the entire process is transparent, smooth, and productive. The following are the steps we follow for IT staff enhancement:

1. We await the client's employment eligibility criteria

2. WTS provides the CVs of appropriate candidates

3. Interviews of the shortlisted candidates are taken by the Client

4. Finalization of the Successful candidate/s is done by the Client finalizes and signs an SLA

IT Staffing Solutions by WTS that are Industry Specific

WTS has rich experience in providing IT staff outsourcing in varied industry verticals which include the following:

✓ Advertising.
✓ Automotive.
✓ Aerospace & Defense.
✓ Business Solutions & Consulting.
✓ Banking.
✓ Education.
✓ e-commerce.
✓ Energy.
✓ Entertainment.
✓ Financial & Brokerage Services.
✓ Government & Public Sector.
✓ Hospitality & Travel.

✓ Healthcare.
✓ IT Managed Services.
✓ Insurance.
✓ Mass Media.
✓ Manufacturing & Engineering.
✓ Retail.
✓ Real Estate.
✓ Software Technology.
✓ Travel.
✓ Telecommunications.
✓ Utilities, and more.

WTS Popular IT Staff Augmentation Services

WTS has been in the industry for over a decade and has been providing its clients with various staff augmentation services that meet their staffing demands at a quicker pace and at cost-effective prices. WTS provides staff augmentation or IT Staffing solutions for the following:

1. Magento Developers

We follow an approach that is with the e-commerce business booming on an international scale, if you are looking to get a professional, high-quality e-commerce website start and run within the shortest time frame, such needs can be fulfilled by WTS team of Magento developers.

2. LAMP Developers

The team of LAMP professionals at WTS is highly competent in providing services for various types of web applications, migration, and porting of applications that are built-in proprietary architecture to LAMP and also in performing testing services for LAMP applications.

3. Graphic Designers

The team of our Graphic Designers works with all aspects of the visual mode of communications with an aim to strengthen your corporate brand image and various needs of communications across various types of media.

4. Java Developers

Experience the exclusive expertise of our Java-proficient FTEs who are trained at utilizing the huge potential of Java applications and provide apt technical solutions and support for your project and business needs.

5. Mobile App Developers

The team of mobile developers at WTS has worked with numerous firms and companies that are part of fortune 500list and have a proven track record in the development and formulation of developmental strategies for mobile apps, and design, deployment, testing, and maintenance of mobile apps.

6. Oracle Application Developers

With a team of developers that is well versed with different oracle versions, we can cater to your needs pertaining to oracle development like development, integration or migration, and upgrade, etc. for Oracle databases and products.

7. PHP Developers

The team of PHP developers has a high proficiency in contemporary PHP development technologies and will assist you and create highly stable, functional, and visually pleasing websites in the shortest time and at most cost-effective rates.

8. Drupal Developers

Experience the services of our team of Drupal developers who are enormously experienced in the development of websites that not only scale better as per your requirements but are also more stable and reliable than other open-source CMS websites such as those based on WordPress, etc.

9. SEO and SEM Experts

Wethink Solutions offer internationally recognized SEO and SEM professionals trained in SEO techniques who can help bring traffic to your website by leveraging the best-in-class industry tools and methodologies.

10. Microsoft Application Developers

We at WTS possess the required expertise to offer customized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, a suite developed by the MS Business Solutions group in ERP AND CRM domain.

11. Web Developers

The team of Web developers works in collaboration with global organizations to bring their business up-to-date with the internet age by creating highly-functional, stunning, and user-friendly websites.

12. WordPress Developers

We ensure unparalleled quality, competitive pricing and round the clock technical availability and a streamlined WordPress web development through our staffing solutions for WordPress developers.

13. Android App Developers

WTS provides highly experienced and adept developers in the latest framework and SDK kit. Through the use of an exclusive application methodology, we will develop apps that are highly user friendly and with rich UI and features.

What Differentiates Wethink from Other IT Staffing Agencies?

WTS specializes in providing all kinds of technology staffing requirements for our global clients, and we have been able to identify and recruit the hard-to-find IT talent with ease and pace. Our staffing solutions are not just mediocre. We offer the following services.

✓ Full filling IT staffing needs for different recruitment levels, skill sets, recruitment, and job requirements.
✓ Enhanced productivity and service quality with efficient staff.
✓ Ensuring cost-effectiveness with enormous savings in infrastructural costs.
✓ Reduction of costs incurred in payroll and HR management.
✓ The team of developers gets quickly adapt with new technologies.
✓ WTS ensures a Quick turnaround time with no compromise on quality.
✓ We ensure a complete background check and provide the manpower for clients' needs at a quick pace. Thereby ensuring low risk at the client's end.
✓ Best management and negligible employment liabilities.
✓ We ensure the terms and conditions for recruitment is clearly defined so as to avoid any ambiguity.
✓ We ensure a Complete transparent process.

WTS has been in the recruiting and staffing services for a good amount of time, and this has made us differentiate the best from the average crowd. We have catered to the manpower needs of our clients by outsourcing reliable and highly competent personnel for the clients, and we can assist you with the same. Contact us now for your staffing requirements today and get the talent you always wanted and wished for.