Unlike the earlier technologies which had platform portability, modern-day technologies are not portable, and there can never be a one-fit for all solution for mobile apps in particular. Irrespective of it being a hybrid, native, or mobile web apps, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Off-late mobile apps have turned to be optimized mobile web pages having the look and feel of apps that are native, rather than just apps.

Native mobile apps come with their own advantages. Apart from being feature-rich and very useful, they cannot be developed within short time duration and pose a problem for developers because to get them to app stores, one needs to spend money on the license fee, and they are governed by many guidelines. The best viable option when you are in budget restrictions and less time to market is mobile Web apps. When you are on a limited budget or with less time-to-market on hand, mobile web apps are the way to go. WTS provides high-quality mobile web apps that are enhanced to even work under restrictive conditions such as hardware constraints or slow internet connectivity.

Mobile Web App Services by Wethink Solutions

The team of mobile web developers understands the clients' requirements and is highly capable of providing new innovative solutions catering to clients' needs. They are adequately trained to develop robust apps that are flexible and work under any conditions. The prime key differentiator between web apps and native/hybrid apps is the speed at which the former works. The speed at which the app can load determines the success of that app. That being the case, we ensure your apps load, execute, and perform their functions as well as native apps.

Enlisted here are few things which we consider during web app development so as to enhance the performance and minimize latency include:

1. Optimization of Images

The speed at which the mobile page loads is directly dependent on the image load time of that specific page. And hence it is important that images on the page need to be optimized. Having gained enormous experience in using the latest tools and technologies to achieve optimization of images, the WTS team would assist you in addressing this issue.

2. Compression of the Code

The performance of the Web app can be significantly enhanced when the JavaScript and CSS files are compressed based on the amount of the code. WTS team of web app developers are experts in code compression and enhance it and thereby enable it to run smoothly.

3. Queries relative to Database

Few mobile browsers deny the acceptance of cookies as some of the desktop browsers try executing more queries than normal. Hence the need for Server-side caching is essential while supporting mobile web app clients, which is an important component of all web apps developed by us.

4. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

With the inherent advantages of enabling improved download performance, enhanced analytics, and more concurrent downloads, a CDN would be the need of the hour and is highly recommended if one is planning to host a lot of images, audio files, videos, or any type of media files.

Why Choose Web Apps Over Hybrid/Native Apps?

Native/ Hybrid apps come with few built-in short-falls like the requirement of heavy data updates, occupying more space, which is almost 20 times more space as compared to web apps, and these factors can prove to be very serious for any mobile device. Developing apps is no easy task for any developer apart from such restrictions the apps are to be developed in-line with app store guidelines, and paying license fee adds to the woes.

With an increase of reach of the app, the need for developing separate versions for each mobile OS arises, and that results in an increase in development time and additional approvals from the market place.

Wethink has been a pioneer in being able to provide solutions to all these problems related to hybrid/native apps by providing mobile-optimized webpage development services that have analogous functionalities and features as compared to their native counterparts.

Why Hire Wethink Solutions for Mobile Web App Development?

We at WTS understand the requirements of clients and various business models and accordingly provide our services through the use of the latest technologies to develop web apps that are highly responsive and innovative, without affecting system resources. few reasons for you to choose WTS are :

✓ A team of highly-qualified individuals with vast experience in developing optimized and highly responsive mobile web apps.
✓ Reduce your development costs by almost 50% by Partnering with us.
✓ We ensure the highest ROI, and our services are competitively priced.
✓ We ensure that we deliver a feature-rich mobile web app with swift TAT.
✓ You are also kept in the loop through every stage of the project with our transparent procedures and ensure that the app is built according to your specific requirements.
✓ We continue to provide support, which includes regular maintenance and updates, as per your requirements, even after the development and deployment of the app.

Outsource Mobile Web App Development to Wethink Solutions

Wethink Solutions is a mobile web app development company that has been a leader in its domain for over a decade now. Our team of developers understands the various business models and requirements of our clients and builds the app accordingly. We follow industry best practices and offer you the best services while maintaining low development costs.

Contact us now and learn how developing mobile web apps can boost your customer base, grow your business, and help to improvise your customer base in a short time.