Experience the services of WTS, where we assist you in maintaining & fixing bugs at most cost-effective rates, as compared to the overhead costs incurred by big IT companies for the same.Do you have complex apps and bequest systems from various acquisitions and mergers that need support and maintenance? Do you feel that your IT department is reduced to merely acting like a helpdesk? Do you feel they are overburdened with regular maintenance and support of various software applications and have no time for the development and deployment of new software systems? If your answer is affirmative for the above questions, outsource software maintenance and support to WTS to save more on hiring and operational costs and have more hours in a day.

Through our proven and highly dedicated software maintenance and support services, we will enable you to concentrate on your core business functions. The team of software professionals possesses an experience of about a decade in the industry and with highly diverse skills and passion for the job. We can cater to your needs for continual maintenance and real-time support for all your software requirements through our expertise.

Software Maintenance & Support Services We Provide

We at WTS are proactive in our approach to handle software maintenance and ensure that your software is bug-free at the time of deployment. We are known for our best practices, which we follow for application software maintenance to make your software highly secure and robust. We provide the following support services -

1. Conventional Services

  • Adaptive Maintenance and Support

We assist you in making the necessary modifications and revisions to your software for the transformational needs of your business. The following is an overview of what we do as a part of application-based software maintenance – Change of Data format, Localization and regulation change, Changes in Hardware configuration, Modification of Support Utility, and Operating system integration.

  • Corrective Maintenance and Support

We assist you in fixing errors that arise out of flaws in design, code, or logic. Furthermore, we investigate the bugs that arise in your software algorithms.

  • Perfective Maintenance and Support

It is a well-known fact that in order to make the most of the technology business, we need to constantly upkeep and exclusively focus on it. We constantly scrutinize your software thoroughly for any modifications, rectifications, editing, additions, deletions, and enhancements that it may need, and take necessary action deem fit.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Proactive and Preventive – we define our application software maintenance services efficiency in this way. We prepare your software for future requirements based on customer feedback and past incidents.

2. Specialized Services

  • Upgrades - Upgrades of the Software Version & Functionality.
  • Migration - Migration of Database & Language.
  • Support - Post-release Support, Operational and Helpdesk Support.
  • Maintenance - Packaged Software Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Custom Application Maintenance, Long-term Maintenance.
  • Enhancements - Application Enhancements & Performance Enhancements.

2. Other Support Services

Furthermore, to the above services, Wethink can provide the following application software maintenance and support services like Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management, Status Reports.

Benefits Offered by Software Maintenance and Support Services

By outsourcing your software maintenance and support needs to WTS, you can avail of the following range of benefits. The immediate and long-term merits of considering WTS as your trusted partner for application software maintenance are as listed below-

1. Enhancement of Performance

One of the well-known notions is that Application software maintenance programs come with upgrades included as a part of the package and are free for a whole year for users. These upgrades improve the overall performance and functionality of the software and enhance its lifecycle too.

2. Fixing of Bugs

The application software maintenance packages come with a validity period, and they protect the software from any software issues that arise during the course of usage. Once upon the completion of the warranty, you have to pay for any further bug fixing services. A proper maintenance plan will ensure such additional services.

3. Stay Updated with Current Trends

Technology and Businesses that are highly dependent on technology are susceptible to tremendous changes on a regular basis. It is highly important that one has to keep their apps up-to-date. By leveraging the services of Application software maintenance services, you can stay To stay abreast of trending technologies; it is critical that you update your software applications regularly. At complete freedom as these services keep you updated with current tech trends and ensure that you can reap the best benefits.

4. Curtail Costs

By utilizing the services of maintenance of software services, you can keep a check on the software expenditure. Most of these maintenance service programs cover a period of one year, thereby reducing the cost for the organization significantly. If you use cloud-based apps, the monthly charges paid for those services by you also include maintenance fees as well.

WTS Software Maintenance and Support Process

The WTS process of Maintenance and support works like clockwork because we follow a systematic framework in place to process your requirements from the start to end. The Knowledge sources on enterprise apps at WTS will make it easier for you to understand our methodologies. We will also cater to your needs of providing you with close-knit support if you choose to have an agent to guide you through the stages. The process followed at WTS is as follows -

1. Collection of Requirements

We shall collect the processes and documentation that are followed by your developers and accordingly determine a detailed list of maintenance objectives.

2. Analysis of Program

We will be relying on knowledge sharing on enterprise applications to interpret the program objectives. The above phenomena will help us to interpret the self-descriptiveness and complexity.

3. Maintenance Proposal

We will then finalize the best maintenance methodology and sen the maintenance proposal for your perusal and approval.

4. Evaluating Infrastructure Stability

We shall carry out a detailed analysis of the stability and extendibility of the infrastructure so as to understand the potential for the ripple effect.

5. Testing

We carry out vigorous testing of the maintenance protocol upon implementation for ruggedness and reliability. If need be, we will also cater for any necessary ongoing preventive maintenance efforts.

6. Release and Reporting

Upon the approval for release, we shall compile our response and actions in a neat report for the purposes of record-keeping and future references.

Why Should You Outsource Software Maintenance and Support Services to WTS?

We at Wethink solutions follow a completely well-defined and scalable maintenance process and advocate for preventive maintenance-oriented practices at customer sites and ensure that they have the minimal demands of maintenance. We constantly advise our clients to ensure that they follow the following steps to ensure that there will be a bare minimum possibility of extensive system errors and needs for corrective actions-

1. ISO Certified Software Maintenance and Support Services

We ensure that we are always in complete adherence to international quality standards and deliver top-class software maintenance services, that are par with such standards.

2. Highly Robust Data Management Policy

We are complaint with the standards, and we ensure we would never move your project other than the dedicated project zone. We also ensure that your project is completely handled by those professionals who have signed NDAs and strictly will not permit any unauthorized user to access it.

3. Best in class and High-quality Software Maintenance and Support Services

We ensure that the maintenance of the software is always carried out exclusively by industry-leading experts. We pay extra attention to the minuet details and always carry out the deployment of the software with 100% confidence. The team of QC engineers will carry out a detailed analysis of every aspect of the module by replicating real-time conditions.

4. Scalable Services

We at WTS ensure that our clients are in receipt of highly robust and agile software services from us. We also ensure to see that our clients are at peace of mind and trust us on our abilities to provide reliable and precise services that aptly fit their needs. We have gained a repute of providing our clients with consistent and reliable support services, the reason for which is the experience we gained by working with numerous organizations of varied sizes. We are quick and adept in shifting focus to new product conceptualizations and core competencies in minimal time.

5. Swift Turnaround

We are highly proficient in using the latest tools and technologies to overhaul inefficient modules, and thereby we ensure the swift turn-around time through our services.

6. Highly affordable Solutions

The services offered by WTS are highly affordable and cost-effective as we primarily focus on reaching out to those customers who are specific to budget constraints. We always believe in Decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as it helps us to serve a number of clients, and we have been successful in realizing it in real-time. Hence we suggest you reach out to our team and get a specific quote that is as per your needs and requirements.


By outsourcing your Software maintenance service needs to WTS you can avail the services of a dedicated team that is headed by a project manager and the team includes designers who can offer you with Our customers are assigned dedicated teams with project heads and team leads to design and deploy comprehensive software maintenance strategies and provide enduring support. We always ensure that our efforts are aimed at improving the overall efficiency of the applications, be it on new product development or core functions.

8. Certified Team of Software Maintenance Experts

The presence of an elite team of 100+ software developers and testers that has enormous expertise in contemporary software maintenance tools and technologies is the driving force that is enabling us to cater to any of the client's software requirements.

9. Best-in-class Infrastructure

WTS has access to the best infrastructure and facilities that include an entire range of testing suites and other contemporary software maintenance tools. Through our infrastructure, we have ensured that our software maintenance and support team can perform the migration of applications to new and emerging technologies with ease and thus enabling them to attentively handle the software maintenance task. Right from the integration of applications with newer technologies to concentrating on preventive maintenance, WTS infrastructure enables us to do more at wee costs.

10. Round the Clock Support

WTS has the presence of dedicated software maintenance and support team that logs in and tracks service requests 24/7 and also provides round-the-clock troubleshooting and instantaneous resolution of reported problems to ensure and enhance the stability. We at WTS ensure that through our services, we optimize the performance of the application and bring down your TCO (total cost of ownership) of the software application.

Outsource Software Maintenance & Support Services to Wethink Solutions

Through our software maintenance and support services, we ensure efficient project management at minimal prices and software downtime. You can opt from our suite of software development services based on your needs and requirements in terms of levels of support, pricing, and project delivery options. We guarantee you of a hassle-free engagement and highly efficient services. Rejuvenate your software infrastructure and make it ready for your future business and future challenge by availing your software maintenance and support service needs from Wethink Solutions.