We, at WTS, offer the most reliable and cost-effective software testing services. Avail the WTS advantage for your software testing needs. Our team of testing experts and quality analysts will make sure that your software is free from any possible bugs and runs smoothly under all circumstances.Companies around the world are currently spending out 40% of the project budget on software testing, and this fact has made various globally renowned organizations seek outsourced software testing services to add to their in-house testing capabilities. Various Businesses throughout the worldwide are making the use of services of dedicated software testing companies to achieve consistent software quality practices across their enterprise.

Wethink Solutions has a proven track record as a reliable and efficient outsourced software testing partner for companies that are from Europe, and the U.S. WTS testing methodologies are comprehensive in nature and are tailored with utmost care to fit your business needs. We aspire to produce scalable and secure software testing solutions that assist in aligning IT systems to your targeted business goals.

Furthermore, we conduct Peer reviews while carrying-out the testing for big projects; this helps us to assess the efficiency of our WTS staff, and thus we can facilitate them and encourage them to achieve goals quicker and with higher efficiency. By choosing to opt for software testing services from Wethink would ensure you of robust, scalable, and most effective solutions for your business at the end of the day.

Software Testing Services Offered by WTS

We at WTS provide our customers with a wide range of integrated testing services in a completely managed SLA-driven model. Testing services offered by WTS can be broadly categorized into the following

1. Fully Integrated Functional Testing

The Applications are tested for functionality and compatibility with various platforms and systems that are existent in the organization.

2. Automation of Testing

WTS has a proven record of creating and executing complete test automation strategies by the use of standard tools, frameworks, and scripts for globally renowned customers.

3. Performance Testing

This service involves an all-round focus on product assurance, endurance testing, reliability testing, interoperability testing, scalability testing, and stress testing.

4. Exploratory Testing

This type of testing predominantly involves investigation, discovery, and learning of the software application while it is developed.

5. Crowdsourced Testing Services

This service is apt for those clients who are looking for widespread testing data in a cost-effective and timely manner.

6. Mainframe Application Testing Services

Clients who are using the mainframes to power-up their day to day operations can receive the maximum benefit through our streamlined application testing processes along with a reduction in costs.

7. ETL Testing Services

Experience the WTS ETL testing or data warehouse testing process that enables you to verify the correctness, completeness, and accuracy of the data that is being transferred into the data warehouse and make use of the same to make timely and intelligent business decisions.

8. Web Testing Services and SOA

Complete the end to end testing of all your business and security-related processes with the existing architecture with ease by using WTS Web testing Services and SOA.

9. Industry-specific Testing

Experience this ideal app which can be used for application testing in industries where strict compliance to regulations and security protocols is particularly important.

10. Managed Testing

Experience fast and efficient testing cycles for your applications through our managed testing services. We carry out testing of each component of your application individually in the most cost-effective manner.

11. Independent Validation & Verification

We cater to the independent verification needs of the apps as required /wished by independent developers or software firms through our IV & V Services at most cost-effective rates.

12. Network Testing Services

We carry out testing of your organization's network for speed, responsiveness, and agility. We also make your traffic prioritization more efficient and also optimize the bandwidth allocation.

13. Regression Testing

Through our regression testing services, we carry out tests to check if any recent changes in the code have effected any existing features of your program and also ensure that those functionalities work just fine even after the changes.

14. Continuous Integration Testing

Through our continuous integration testing services, we ensure that the merged code works well, and the verification of the same is done by the automation build.

15. SAP Testing

Through continuous testing of system applications and products, we ensure that the data is fetched by the software fetches from the database impeccably, and the business processes are able to function without any issues.

16. Functional Testing

We test the system against the specified functional requirements/specifications in order to ensure that all the features of the app are performing satisfactorily, and all the people are satisfied with the app.

WTS Software Testing Process

Our expert team of testers devises an explicit software test methodology and test strategies and creates customized test plans that specifically meet your business practices and needs.WTS believes in an iterative approach to the software testing process, starting from the initial stages in the development cycle. The introduction of the testing early on in the development lifecycle requires comprehensive planning in a way ahead by developers and testers and greater collaboration between them.

WTS software testing process goes through the following iterative stages -

✓ Definition of the scope of tests and structure.
✓ Designing a test plan.
✓ Designing of test models from use cases.

✓ Implementation of Testing.
✓ Test Reports.
✓ Debugging and Customer feedback.

We continually upgrade our testing processes through the use of checklists, templates, and guidelines. We primarily focus on precise documentation and carryon, updating our testing methodologies so that new inputs are recorded, and we achieve knowledge sharing.

Key Advantages of WTS Software Testing Services

Software Testing has inestimable benefits. Listed below are a few of the key benefits -

✓ An efficiently planned and carried out software testing helps in identifying and fixing bugs prior to the launch of the software and reduces the risk of failure significantly.
✓ The majority of the software does not essentially work by themselves; instead, it needs to be integrated and has to work in tandem with other systems that are in place- even legacy software at instances. Thus a detailed Testing of the software helps us to give the assurance that the integration won't affect the performance of the software in any manner whatsoever.
✓ Testing is a part of the software development process and would point out the root cause by carrying out a root cause analysis and ensure that the software is highly reliable and efficient.
✓ The primary motive of Software testing is to ensure reliable and highly efficient operations by the software and the satisfaction of end-user. During the testing phase, likely scenarios that could be faced by the end-user are imagined, and the software is tested accordingly, and accordingly, if any discrepancies crop up, they will be cleared and improved.
✓ The conformance of the software to predetermined technical standards is verified, and accordingly, the software can be certified as good, and this helps in building confidence and cultivate a healthy business relationship with the end-user.

Why Outsource your Software Testing Service needs to Wethink Solutions?

WTS can cater to your needs of software testing, be it select software or comprehensive testing solutions for your organization. We shall augment your in-house testing capabilities in an impeccable manner and at the most cost-effective rates. The software testing services of WTS are best-in-class and are characterized by -

✓ High-Quality Assured.
✓ 100% information security.
✓ Ease of scalability.
✓ Availability of State-of-the-art infrastructure for software testing and development.
✓ Highly Cost-effective testing services.

✓ Numerous delivery centers.
✓ Committed and dedicated team of QA, testers, and software engineers.
✓ Wide and varied domain expertise and most dedicated personnel.
✓ State of the art testing tools and Specialized testing methodologies.
✓ Provision of Continual refinements and upgrades and in testing processes.

Software Testing Tools We Leverage the Most and Best

WTS has been a pioneer in providing software testing, and this very fact keeps us continually upgrade to the best practices in the industry and make use of the most highly sophisticated tools. We use numerous tools for software testing that include Mercury Win Runner Mercury Quick Test Professional, Test Rational RTRT, ANTS Load, Microsoft Application Center, L2/L3 Test Lab, and WAPT.

Some of the most popular testing tools we use are -