With more and more businesses expanding globally, the complexity of supply chains is also getting increased. To achieve a minimal optimal efficiency level, growing businesses of today’s era are looking at –

✓ Aptly streamlined and supply chain management system with dynamic nature that helps in gaining a competitive edge.
✓ A Completely integrated SCM software instead of maintaining numerous independent apps.
✓ Achieving drive-in profitability by upgradation of traditional supply chain management system with an intelligent system.

Wethink's supply chain management solutions are the perfect answer to all your supply chain management concerns and can help you boost profits.

Supply Chain Management Software Services We Offer

Wethink Solutions has a team of software professionals that have created highly customized software that enables your supply chain processes more effective. We have identified loopholes and process inefficiencies in the general supply chain management processes globally and provided an efficient and integrated SCM solution that addressed those issues aptly, reduction in costs, enhanced management of resources resource, and enabled the removal of service overheads.

WTS SCM software takes care of the following key and important SCM activities -

1. Procurement

A successful procurement process predominantly and primarily emphasizes on managing your suppliers, interacting with your suppliers, and also searching for new and profitable ones. The WTS SCM software offers the right platform and latest tools to manage your pre-existing suppliers and vendors through proactive and real-time information exchange, eventually leading to optimization of procurement of the stock.

2. Product delivery and flow

A well planned and aptly implemented healthy and real-time information exchange across the supply chain leads to smooth product flow and delivery. Our supply chain management software ensures the accurate flow of information in both directions leading to the apt product flow and delivery at the apt time.

3. Management of Warehouse

4. The right management

Of pre-existing and anticipation of new stock in the warehouse is critical and enables to prevent situations like being of out of stock. Our warehouse management application ensures the efficient use of smart inventory methods that give you an edge in the management of Warehouse.

5. Collaboration application

Collaborating with various suppliers and partners is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship, and ensures a healthy and effective SCM. WTS SCM app facilitates ease of managing such activities with your stakeholders and creates an enhanced and effective partnership.

6. Distribution

WTS distribution management application effectively maintains real-time information on the distribution of important materials, inventory, work-in-progress, and stock of finished goods in an organized manner. Thus thereby enabling you to manage, anticipate demands, and distribute easily.

Benefits of Our SCM Services

✓ Be at the advantage of gaining all the operational, business and service excellence benefits by making use of the WTS smart application throughout your Supply chain.
✓ Be in receipt of a micro and macro-level view of all your logistics and SCM activities, thereby enabling you to make the right decisions, help you identify the shortfalls in the process, and reduce the cost overheads.
✓ Avail an instant turn around in all your SCM activities by defining workflows through our smart apps.
✓ We ensure all our apps are regularly provided with updates thereby ensuring you are in receipt of the best and contemporary features on the app.
✓ You are at complete freedom and we let you either choose the entire suite of SCM services or operation-specific apps.
✓ We always join with the best software service providers for SCM and only make the best of what they offer.
✓ WTS SCM professionals are well trained and always offer services that remain unmatched with their peers.
✓ Through our SCM Apps Effectiveness in supply chain processes gives you more time to focus on other core business activities.
✓ We develop a customized solution for your clients so that you get exactly the right functionalities and capabilities from your supply chain management software.
✓ We are a NASSCOM accredited company with a team of 100+ software professionals certified in production & inventory management (CPIM) and certified supply chain professional (CSCP) with 8+ years of experience.

Outsource Supply Chain Management Software Development to Wethink

Wethink Solutions is backed by 15 years of experience gained through top-notch custom software development for diverse industries. This makes us adept at identifying areas that could be enhanced through the use of smart business apps. Through the adoption of cutting edge software technologies and secured infrastructure, we offer the most cost-effective SCM solutions for all your needs. We believe in transparency to the highest level and have implemented the same in our working policy and thus let you gain an in-depth view of what we exactly perform so that you can remain assured of no wastage of money.

1. Software Development
2. Outsource Services Home
3. IT Consulting services
4. Enterprise Solutions.

IT strategies that aid you to make the best of cutting edge technology to your advantage!

We at WTS look at Business consulting and IT Consulting Services as one of the most powerful solutions that aid you in staying on an advantageous platform. With a team of expert IT consultants, we can provide you with insights that matter. As a professional IT Consulting Company, we understand the crucial connexion between IT and business; hence IT consulting at Wethink encompasses both IT & Business Consulting Services.

✓ Consulting Competency.
✓ Mainstream IT Consulting.
✓ Specialized IT Consulting.
✓ Business Application Development.
✓ Data Architecture and Design.
✓ Information Risk Management.
✓ Infrastructure Services.

✓ IT Process & Service Management.
✓ IT strategy and Transformation.
✓ Maintenance and Support.
✓ Quality Management.
✓ Test Automation.
✓ Web Application Development.

1. SAP Consulting

Development, Implementation, Planning, Support, and Maintenance, Testing.

2. Oracle Consulting

Maintenance and Support, Implementation, Upgrades, Customization, Financial Consulting, Lifecycle Management.

3. .Net Consulting

Web-based and Enterprise Applications, Mobile Apps, Testing, .NET Application Support, and Maintenance Services.

4. Microsoft Consulting

Microsoft DW& BI solutions, Technology Consulting, SharePoint Services, Microsoft Exchange Services, ASP.NET Application Development, Maintenance & Support.

✓ Technological Competency.
✓ Mainstream Technologies.
✓ Specialized Technologies.

5. Microsoft Technologies

ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Web Services, Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows, Dynamics, Open Source, SQL server .NET technologies AJAX.

6. Java & jQuery

J2ME, JDK, J2EE, JSP, J2EE Application Server, EJB WebLogic WebSphere, JBoss, MVC Frameworks & IDE Tools.

7. Open Source

CRM, Drupal, Joomla, SugarCRM, PHP Frameworks, LAMP, Magento, WordPress; MySQL.

✓ Mobile Application Development.
✓ Cloud Technologies.
✓ Back-End Applications.
✓ Databases and ORM Tools.
✓ Servers.
✓ Web and User Interface.

✓ ERP.
✓ Oracle.
✓ Data Visualization.
✓ Enterprise Mobility.
✓ Software as a Service.

Information Technology Consulting We Offer

✓ IT Audit & Business Analysis.
✓ IT Strategy Development & Alignment with Business Objectives.
✓ System Re-engineering & Quality Control.
✓ Business Transformation & Change Management.

At Wethink Solutions, we provide comprehensive IT Management Consulting Services that address the needs of IT infrastructure from a 360-degree perspective. We carry our expertise to:

✓ Perform a complete IT Process Audit of your present technology infrastructure.
✓ Carry out Business Analysis.
✓ Provide strategical insights for Management and IT needs and requirements.
✓ Develop an IT Strategy in that is totally in tandem with your defined business objectives.
✓ Carry out the alignment of your existing IT infrastructure to match your business objectives.

✓ Provide business problem-solving services.
✓ Provide System Re-engineering services.
✓ Data Architecture and Design Performance Engineering.
✓ Quality Assurance through rigorous testing practices.
✓ Keep your future technological need projections in line with ever-changing business picture.
✓ Aid Business Transformation and Change Management.
✓ Ensure cost control for the client through the stages of Implementation, Transformation, and Maintenance.

Our IT Consulting Expertise

Wethink Solutions, one of the prominent IT consulting firms, is backed by expert IT consultants and a team of software engineers who are adept in Mainstream technologies like Microsoft, Java & Query, and Open Source technologies like Java, Drupal, and Joomla among others.

Additionally, we offer to consult in specialized domains like Mobile Application Development, Cloud, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Mobility, SAAS, Oracle, Web and User Interface, etc., ably supported by our decade of experience in providing Information Technology Services across diverse industry and business verticals.

The Wethink Advantage

  • Agility | Ability | Affordability

We, through our consulting solutions, help your clients understand the future IT demands and develop suitable plans to tackle any scenario heads on. Utmost flexibility and responsiveness in the IT consulting and Software Development Process at WTS help our clients cut down on costs, and ensure optimization of revenue.

We have evolved with enhanced efficiency due to our ability to understand mammoth and complex business backgrounds with ease. This becomes the driving force to help our client's leverage technology for their current and future needs. We combine this factor with affordability and a promise of trust to form an unbeatable combination for successful client engagements. We insist on:

✓ Keeping you totally informed about the scope of the project and planning.
✓ Clearly defining our deliverables and keeping our promise.
✓ Maintaining an absolute transparent relationship with the customer.
✓ Providing a committed and legally binding confidentiality of information shared.

Our wide and satisfied customer base holds testimony to the quality of work we offer. You can be assured of highly efficient and hassle-free engagement by outsourcing your IT Consulting to Wethink Solutions. You can also avail of other similar services such as Healthcare IT Consulting & Software Development Services, Software Maintenance & Support, Business Application Development, and more. We assure you an engagement with revitalizing your IT infrastructure with agile and innovative IT services.