In the era of digital marketing, content is the king. But now, the internet is saturated with content, and to win the race, marketers should think outside the box and come up with new innovative ideas. Like, video marketing.

To get noticed among the sea of contents, you should know how to turn your audience heads towards your content. Attracting attention with engaging videos is the new trend in the art of digital marketing.

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you in creating the perfect video content that can convert and boost your brand popularity.


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1. Build curiosity

Curiosity is the driving force of mankind. It leads to the development, progress and ingenuity of human beings. People always have that unsatisfied urge to know why, what how, when and where.

While creating a video content, you should keep this human trait in mind. If you can convince them this is what they should know but don’t, you can get them engaged in your video content. Because they think they can gain something new from that.

You can build this curiosity by revealing part of the most interesting bit of information at the beginning, thus luring them into watching the full video in order to find out what it is. Creating interest and then satisfying it always works.

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2. Hold the attention.

After creating curiosity and attracting people, the next concern must be in holding this attention till the end so that they don’t leave the video halfway.

According to studies, if you can attract audience attention within the first 3 seconds of a video, they will continue watching it for at least 30 seconds. This is the stage where you have to work and really capture them into the video.

In order to do that, understand your audience and analyse the signs and patterns of engagement. Adapt to the results and improve your content accordingly. You can do this by analysing comments, number of followers, likes and retention rate.

You can also use survey methods like polls and interactions. This will increase engagement and build a strong connection.

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3. Use catchy visuals.

Video is now the most convenient source of entertainment and popular way of marketing. Most of the people prefer videos to get information about whatever they want.

As people are pressed for time and has very short attention spans, this popularity for short, fun to watch videos is no wonder. To get the best results from video marketing, making it as attractive as possible is the biggest step.

Use visual storytelling to convey your point to the target audience. Make it short, clear and precise. Blend text, animation, visual effects, narration etc. to create a dynamic video experience.

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4. Tell your story through the video

Storytelling is the key element in making a video engaging. It gives a flow and direction to the video. And it connects to the viewers instantly and in a much deeper level.

To create a story line to your video, follow one or multiple plot lines. Develop a story that connects to your target audience. Choose the best from what may work for you and develop it into a convenient story.

There are initially 7 types of plot for stories. Choose the best suitable plot to convey your product and create a beautiful story that connects to the people.

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5.Integrate different models for marketing.

The 3 famous modes of persuasion, ethos, pathos and logos should be included in your video. These are used together in speech; writing and advertising in order to get the audience empathise with the concept and point of view.

Ethos, the appeal by ethics establishes a trust between you and your audience. It helps in maintaining brand reputation and increases credibility. Pathos, which is the appeal by emotions, connects to the audience in deeper level by evoking emotional responses.

And these accompanied by your logo captures the mind of people who view it and stays there for a long time. The result is that, the viewer remains engaged with the brand and forms a beautiful bond.

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If you can make engaging content that attracts audience attention, not only they appreciate it, but also share it with their friends and comes back for more. So start incorporating these tips into your video making and rebuild your marketing strategy. Get the best out of video marketing with perfect planning and ideas!


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