“Emails are proven to be the most effective way in lead-generation marketing, so it’s important to know how to use the power of email for your growth”

When it comes to getting new customers and lead generation, you have several options available before you. But still, the most effective way among all is the same, email marketing. 

Can you believe that even after the revolutionary changes in digital marketing, and the immense popularity of social media marketing, email marketing still tops as the best lead generation method? Yes, that’s right. Email marketing should not be taken lightly. 

Although it is the most effective way, it’s not that simple. For your email marketing to be successful, you will need the right content, process, and contacts at the right time. It is not an overnight process. But once it gains momentum, it will give continuous and steady results. 

But how can you generate quality leads through email marketing? What are some techniques or best practices to be followed to make your email marketing initiative successful? 

Well, don’t worry! Here are some tips you can use to create the perfect email marketing campaign that generates results and boost your conversion rate. 

1. Keep your email content short and precise. 

The word is moving fast. So are the people. They won’t have enough time to open a mail and read lengthy content. So, keep it simple and short. 

If you can convey the essence of your service in the condensed form, which is simple and can be read on the go, then you have a better chance of a conversion. Also, you can try replacing written content with images or infographics, making the email more attractive. 

And most importantly, make sure whatever content you have put in the mail is engaging, and has the potential to persuade the reader into becoming a customer. It would be a bummer if you did all this effort to make people open the mail, and then the content wasn’t good enough. Try to deliver informational or valuable insights through relevant content, as that would create a great impression. Also, try to make it mobile-friendly

2. Grab attention with captivating subject lines. 

The subject line is the first thing to come in sight when someone sees an email. So, the attractiveness of the subject line decides whether to open the mail or not. 

Always make sure to put a subject line that ignites curiosity and persuades the reader to open the mail. A subject line that starts with a question, or announcing a discount will grab the reader’s attention immediately. 

And to act as a lead generation marketing tool, it should have a short and clear subject line. It must reflect the purpose of the mail, all the while creating a sense of urgency to open the mail. An ideal subject line should be within 30-50 characters. 

Remember, the subject line is very important, as it decides the fate of the mail and lead generation. So make sure to take your time and craft the most catchy line possible. 

3. Link with landing pages. 

The purpose of email marketing is lead generation, and this involves driving traffic to the website. So to effectively use emails as a lead generation technique, make sure you are linking it with the homepage of your website and respective landing pages. 

Link the mail with the landing pages which matches the content and purpose of the mail. Try to match the overall theme and look of the mail with the landing page linked. Make sure the page contains relevant information related to the email subject. It’s better to link to a particular page than linking to the homepage, as it will be more convenient for the readers to know more. This will help in increasing the traffic and better lead generation. 

To know how well this is working, constantly track the performance of the emails and landing pages. Proper linking will help you in avoiding unnecessary distractions and in concentrated lead generation marketing. 

4. Include clear call-to-action. 

As a lead generation technique, the main purpose of emails is conversion. So, make sure to add a clear and powerful call to action in your mail. It’s through the CTA, a person shows his willingness to be our customer. So it should be attractive and simple. And should lead the reader into a customer in simple steps. Place it somewhere quickly noticeable and make it big enough to locate. This helps in efficient email marketing lead generation. 

5. Keep the email list updated. 

To reach the right people at the right time, having a clean and relevant email list is important. Make sure the receivers list is updated regularly, and target the specific people for different mails efficiently. Sending the same mail to everyone will not generate leads. So tailor the mails into customized and targeted ones. Aim the people who might be interested and have the potential to turn into a customer. And also take care to eliminate the irrelevant and old contacts from the list. 

Doing this will ensure a more organic and healthy lead generation. And prevent your mails from ending up in the spam. 

So these are some tips to generate useful leads via email marketing. Adapt these techniques and you can test the effectiveness of these practices through analysis. Remember, email marketing may seem very simple and basic, but it’s still one of the most effective ways of lead generation. So you better not mess up! 

If you need help in setting up your email marketing strategy, contact us, wethinksolution. We can do it for you.!