“Digital marketing podcasts are not just a source of information, but also the best way to know what is new, and what will work.”

Digital marketing has become the lifeblood of businesses. Everyone is harnessing the power of the internet and is looking for new and unique ways to reach customers more effectively. 

And,the best way to know what would help? Well, look around! See what’s working for others and what is trending! 

But doing so is not that easy right? 

Well, there is a way. Digital marketing podcasts!. A convenient, free of cost, and educational source of information regarding what is everyone talking about! 


Why digital marketing podcasts? 

When you are in a highly competitive market with a lot of options and opportunities, it is no longer about knowing what you are doing; but what is happening around you. And, that sure is a challenging task. 

Digital marketing podcasts are aiding people with exactly that. They are not just a source of information; but also the best way to know what is new and what will work. It is the number one source for continuous learning by knowing the latest trends and news happening in the industry. 

Also, podcasts allow listening and learning from experiences and experts. So that when you tap into an online marketing podcast, you are instantly aware of what’s trending, and you are jogging along with the market pace. 

Insightful lessons, experiential learning, and up-to-date information, digital marketing podcasts are everything you need! 

 Given below are the top 5  best digital marketing podcasts you should listen to. You can make use of these free resources to stay ahead of the game! 


5 best digital marketing podcasts. 

Here are the top 5 digital marketing podcasts you can listen to to get valuable insights about what’s happening in the digital marketing world. With a wide range of topics, episode length, and formats, these podcasts will help you keep up with the pace. 

Choose the best to fit your schedule and start listening! e-Marketer


1. Behind The Numbers by e-Marketer

Behind the numbers is a great podcast provided by e-marketer. It explores how digital marketing is impacting the digital world. 

It combines both the basic digital marketing lessons and the latest trends into their podcasts very gracefully. And they use expert interviews, discussions, and short segments to carefully evaluate and analyze the effects of new digital marketing trends on individuals and industries. They use analytics to a large extent to support their discussions.

It showcases the evolution of marketing and how modern eCommerce, digital marketing, and advertising looks like. Also, they maintain a consistent release schedule. 


2. Marketing Over Coffee

One of the very simple and interesting podcasts available The hosts discuss topics ranging from SEO to marketing project management. The main attraction is that they are recording the podcasts in the coffee shops they own. And it’s pretty cool. 

They are famous for their interviews with Simon Senek, Mike Volpe, etc. They air every Saturday, and the podcasts are almost 20 minutes long. You can submit your doubts and queries beforehand to be featured on the show. 


3. Success Made Simple. 

This podcast is not just an informative one. It also motivates the listeners and helps in creating a winning mindset. This podcast explains how to create an attractive brand identity. 

The host of this podcast, Dr. Dave Martin, is an excellent speaker and motivator. His talks are worth listening to. This is very helpful for every marketing enthusiast to grow in their personal and professional life. 


4. Copyblogger FM

The copy blogger team keeps you updated on the latest news and trends in content marketing. The famous representatives of big names are interviewed in the podcast, and hearing their tips are a great lesson to the listeners. It’s a weekly podcast with one hour-long episode. 


5. ConversionCast

Conversioncast digs deep into the fundamentals and best practices of digital marketing. It is helpful for startups to succeed as it explains all the secrets to success clearly. They have episodes on topics including boosting customer lifetime value, turning customers into evangelists, and positioning. They make sure to deliver the best and the latest, which brings the podcast to the top. 


From fundamentals to real-life case studies, online podcasts are everything you need to create a successful campaign. They provide resources that are not available anywhere else, and you can listen to them for free through iTunes, SoundCloud,  Spotify, YouTube, or whatever platform it is. You can listen to them anywhere and anytime. 

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