Do you still think that Facebook and twitter are the best platforms for social media marketing? If it is a yes, then I guess you need my help….

Proudly I present to you, your business’s new best friend….PINTEREST.

Yes…Pinterest. I know what you guys are thinking. “Isn’t pinterest used to find creative ideas/exotic vacation spots/food recipes /what so ever?” The answer is, yes. But the real strength of pinterest is the integrated features of their business account .If you don’t believe me then the increase of 27% in pinterest account of fortune 500 companies including Wal-Mart and apple will definitely make you create a business account in pinterest.

So …Let’s see what pinterest can do…

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About pinterest business account

So, first step of pinterest marketing is creating a business account. If you don’t have an account in pinterest or if it is a personal account then you need to sign up for an official PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS ACCOUNT in order to experience the full potential of pinterest marketing.

Now, let’s find out how you can utilise your new business account in the light of how pinterest helped us, the Wethinksolution in growing to the best social media marketing agency in dubai

1. Connect pinterest to other social media accounts

When you start a new social media account the most boring part about it is to start over with followers. Well you are saved from this problem….yes…it’s very easy to connect your Twitter and Facebook account to your Pinterest for business account. You can easily get followers, the ones you already have on other platforms by just a tap.

Steps in connecting social media accounts with pinterest

  • Go to account settings.
  • Go to social networks section.
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter account.

(PS: for Facebook, you can’t connect FB pages only accounts can be connected. yeah…sorry mate just twitter for you)

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2. SEO strategy for pinterest

SEO strategy is proved to be really effective in pinterest marketing. It helps you to get your pins discovered by the targeted audience. It is not that difficult to optimize your pins in regards to pinterest search. All you have to do is:

  • Step 1: Find popular keywords related to your business and your pins.
  • Step 2: Add your keywords to your pin title.
  • The Step 3: Add you keywords to your pin description.
  • Step 4: Add our keyword to your pin image file names.

Now make sure not to make it too obvious by inserting a lot of keyword anywhere and everywhere. Just one strong keyword is enough.

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3. Sharing pins in your newsletter

Your newsletter is the perfect place for you to lure in new followers. By doing so, you can get out of the difficulty of getting people to find your pin. Yes…you no longer have to send the pins to them. Just throw in a couple of your latest pins on the newsletter and attract subscribers to your new account; as simple as that.

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Pinterest Educational Marketing Materials. 

Pinterest is creating educational marketing materials to teach you how to use your pinterest business account to the fullest. They help to teach you how to maximize its effectiveness for marketing your business. So let’s see what they are:

Pinstitute –this is an interactive workshop to connect with pinners and get a greater return from pinterest.

webinars and resources for small business


Don’ts in pinterest

There are certain things that you are not allowed to do in a pinterest business account like your other social media accounts. This is because you are using a commercial account .so if you don’t want to get in trouble READ THIS CAREFULLY.

  • Do not promote spam. For example, commenting on pins in quick succession or asking participants to comment repeatedly.
  • Don’t run contests, Sweepstakes and promotions too often
  • Don’t run sweepstakes where each pin, repin, or like represent an entry
  • Never ask pinners to vote with a repin or like
  • Don’t suggest that pinterest sponsors or endorsers to promote your business.

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If you can understand pinterest in its full potential, and follow these guidelines or tips, you can make pinterest the best source for engagement. So, a business account in pinterest can do wonders for your business by attracting target audience.

Let your account grow for better…happy pinning!!!


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