“As the unexpected pandemic is affecting the people and economy alike, businesses have to think differently to survive by redefining their online marketing strategies.”


With a pandemic that changed almost everything about our lives, the world is not the same anymore. Businesses all around the globe are no exception.

Small and large businesses have been severely affected by the pandemic. They are facing an unexpected uncertainty and have been experiencing a decrease in sales and revenue.

To deal with the ‘new normal’ this pandemic has established and to thrive in this situation, businesses have to adapt to the new ways and new marketing strategic plans.

And even in this unfortunate situation, there is one thing that is still giving businesses hope, the digital world, and its innumerable online opportunities. Digital was the norm from a long before, and the current situation has increased its importance to another level. So,

Having a proper online marketing strategy now can help you big time.

In this article, let’s look at some of the marketing strategies and plans that can help you survive and boost your business online.

Why marketing and why digital marketing?

Pandemic or not, marketing is an integral part of the business to boost their brand, reputation, and sales. But in the present situation, it becomes even more important as the means for connecting to people now has changed to a great extend.

Now, you should not be telling what you have to offer, but what the customer expects from you and how. You have to put yourself in their shoes and deliver what they want because, hey… That’s the only way you can survive!

Doing all this becomes easier by crafting the perfect marketing strategy plan.

Effectively deploying the marketing strategies and plan can help you attract new customers and learn about our audience to build good relationships, thus gaining competitive advantage and success.

And considering the present state, there is no better way to do all these than digital marketing. It’s effective, has wide scope and opportunities, and is quite simple and cheap.

More than that, in a situation that made every single person embrace online, what’s a better place to market your business than online itself?


Online marketing strategies to follow during covid 19

1. Enhance your online presence

With online being the best and only way to reach out and attract people, having a unique and strong online presence is a must. Marketing is getting confined online. At the same time, it is opening more and more opportunities for businesses.

Having a good online presence is the prime thing to be included in marketing strategy, especially in the marketing strategies for small businesses.

It helps you build your brand and also makes you more accessible.

To build a strong online presence, you can;

  • Make sure your website is unique and SEO-friendly.
  • Add valuable content.
  • Add content frequently
  • Do SEO and keyword research.
  • Analyze and follow up on your performance.
  • Improve user experience
  • Engage with global networks.

With everyone spending their good part of a day online, make use of the opportunity to the fullest.

2. Retain your customers.

The first and foremost people you should care for are your existing, loyal customers. You should ensure and retain them before targeting new customers. They are your asset, and you should make them feel special through every move possible.

And to do this and market your existing customers, you can do several things. And you must do that sincerely and frequently. You can reassure them with your presence by,

  • Connecting to them
  • Sending emails
  • Posting regularly on social media
  • Personalized updates.

Connecting to your customers and supporting them during the pandemic is necessary to maintain their trust and loyalty. Ensure them everything is going to be okay and that you are there for them. They will appreciate it.

3. Explore your creative side.

You are on a platform where new things are happening every second, so you should explore the opportunity and dare to be creative. To get noticed in a sea of interesting things, you must be different and unique in every way possible. So step out of your comfort zone and be exceptionally creative with your brand.

It can help you stand out from your competition and to attract more new people. You can get creative by;

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is fun and can engage your audience. Give your customers what they want. They will be with you forever.

4. Utilize social media.

Social media is the new normal. People spend most of their time on social media platforms by connecting, liking, sharing, following, and whatnot.

So, market where the people are, go social and be consistent. Connect with people more, and build your status and fame. Be trendy, honest, fresh, and active. Surprise them. To market yourself in social, you can;

  • Build social media accounts along with various platforms and be active
  • Post regularly and connect through live streams and join conversations.
  • Utilize paid and sponsored advertising options.
  • Conduct online contests and giveaways.
  • Respond and include your followers.

Social media is the most effective and inexpensive way available to promote your business globally. So make the most of it!

Yes, you are in a difficult situation, but this is also the best time to polish your online marketing strategy and build your online presence. It will boost your business not only in this pandemic time but also after that. So get ready and give your business the boost it deserves!

And if you need any help with that, wethinksolution is here for you; Just ring us up!