“Fact. Online is the new normal. From entertainment to business, everything is now online. And if you want to survive in this digital world, what you surely need is a great UX design for your website.”


The world is not the same anymore. It has witnessed so many more changes in the past ten years than it has ever experienced in the last hundred years. The major one among them is the rise of digital. 

Everything is online now. People, news, and product/services, all just a click away. And the field is still growing, wide and fast. 

With the existence of a lot of platforms that offer the same service, the challenge is attracting people to your online platform. And the one best way to do it is;

Offering an amazing UX. 

Yes. A good UX design not only attracts people; but also boosts your sales, and provides a competitive advantage. 

But what exactly is a UX? And what all makes a good UX design? 


What is UX? 

Website UX  means user experience. It means the ability of your website to provide an overall feel or experience while visiting it. It covers more than UI (user interface).  It’s more concerned about the overall usability and function of the site. 

An effective user experience design should be simple and flexible. It should meet the needs of the end-user efficiently. An easy navigation interface and fast load time are a must in a good UX design. 

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Now that we know what a good UX design means; let’s look at some of the top  UX designs across the internet to get a better idea. 

1. Google search engine. 

UX design example

Yes. The first, best, and classic example of the greatest UX design goes to the search engine of Google. Found almost 23 years ago, Google is still the no:1 search engine in the world. 

And is that because of their marketing skills or investments? Well, I’ll say no. It’s simply because of google’s iconic  UX design. 

It’s simple, fast, and so much easy. Just open, type, click enter, and ta-da. Everything you need is there! That’s what makes it popular. Google offers exactly what people need, and they love it. 

2. Facebook

UX design example Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform existing globally. With more than 2.6 million monthly users, it is the largest social media platform. 

With this many users, providing the best UX for each of them must be challenging. 

But Facebook is doing that! Successfully! With lots of personalized, and fun elements, Facebook is keeping its users excited and engaged. That’s why it’s still the boss of social media. 

The biggest success of Facebook is, it can adapt according to the changes in situations and needs of users, fast and effectively. 

A feature to display your favorite songs or movie may seem simple, but it can create relationships and bonds that are special. Facebook constantly works towards improving its user experience and creating a sense of affection and trust among the users. 

3. Duolingo

UX design example duolingo

Duolingo is a language website, which helps you learn a new language. And it is a  great example of a good UX design. 

We know learning a new language is difficult. But the success of Duolingo lies in the fact that the website makes this look easier by its simple introduction to the new users. 

After signing up, it simply asks 2-3 questions about the language you want to learn, and then you are directed to the learning process itself. No huss… No-fuss. It makes the difficult task of learning a new language fun and easy. 

It also has many UX design best practices, like minimal design, adaptive and responsive layout, and customized user experience. 


4. LinkedIn 

UX design example LinkedIn

Being the top professional network in the world, LinkedIn sure makes the professional lives of people easier. And this is not only because of the service provided by LinkedIn, but also the User experience design it provides. 

LinkedIn has a great UX design, which makes the users active and satisfied. The different steps in profile creation and how it has been arranged, motivate people to complete them fast and easily. 

They keep guiding you through the time we spend on the website, suggesting jobs, changes, connections, etc and the honest, to-the-point interactions are what makes LinkedIn UX design attractive. 


5. Paypal

UX design example paypal

Paypal is a global online payment system that works in all major countries. Well, this wide acceptance for PayPal is also because of its successful UX design. 

Paypal UX design has evolved over the years to a more simple, mature, and sophisticated one with including almost all the major UX best practices. Paypal now has a more organized interface which makes payment and invoice generation easy and fast. 

The interface is clean with minimal graphics and just enough words. And PayPal is now the best example of a great UX design. 


6. Apple web store. 

UX design example Apple

Just like everything, Apple brings its uniqueness and class to its website with a classy, minimal, and powerful User experience design. 

It’s clean, easy to look and navigate through, and has everything it needs in just a few words and elements. The greatest advantage of the design is that it is so easy to navigate through. It is clear, precise, and to the point with no extra elements. And that’s what makes it attractive. 

As online businesses are rapidly growing, having an excellent UX-designed website is more than a necessity. You have competitions that offer a similar thing as you, and the only way you can be different from them is by providing a better experience. 

So work on providing your customers with the best experience out of your website. Get inspired from the best UX-designed websites on the internet. If you need assistance in creating the perfect UX design for your website, wethinksolution is always happy to help!