Graphic designing is not just creating attractive images, it’s much more.

Graphic designing uses even composition of visual elements to communicate ideas through typography, color, format, and image. 

And there is no one way to do that. That’s why there are several types of graphic design according to the area of specialization. 

Although they overlap, generally each type needs different perspectives and skills to perfectly serve the purpose. 

 Whether you are an aspiring designer or are looking for design services for your business, knowing the key types of graphic design will help you big time. 

So, let’s probe in! 


  • Visual identity graphic design

A brand is the representation of the quality and identity of a business. It is what connects business and the audience. Visual identity graphic design is just that. A visual representation of the trust and identity which acts as the face and soul of a brand. Visual identity represents those unique, intangible qualities through shapes, color and images. 

Designers specializing in visual identity graphic design collaborate with businesses to create their unique identity through logos, color palettes, and typography. They make sure to keep up the consistency throughout. 

Altogether visual identity design is one of the basic and common types of graphic design. 


  • Marketing and advertising graphic designs

Talking about graphic design, the most common one that comes to mind is marketing and advertising graphic designs. 

Marketing is the key to success in any business. Good graphics play a major role in attracting and engaging customers through advertisements and marketing. As the imprints of visual images last longer in memories, the effect of a good graphic used for marketing has a great impact. 

Marketing graphic designers work with owners, managers, or marketing professionals to create engaging marketing designs which convert.


 Examples of marketing graphic design

  • Postcards and flyers
  • Posters, banners, and billboards
  • Infographics
  • Brochures (print and digital)
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Signage and trade show displays
  • Email marketing templates
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Social media ads, banners, and graphics
  • Banner and retargeting ads


  • User interface graphic design

User interface (UI) is how people interact with an application or platform. UI graphic design deals with designing interfaces that are easy to understand and navigate through. 

In the context of graphic design, UI deals with the visual experience of a person. A UI graphic designer should ensure that the interface is simple and appealing, while incorporating all the functionality and technicality. 

UI designs are important in websites, desktops, apps, and games


  • Publication graphic design

Publications are classic long-form pieces that talk to the audience. It is a traditional medium, usually in a printable format. But with the rise of online, publications are also going digital. 

Designers work with editors and publishers to present the words and content in the most suitable typography and artworks. 


Examples of publication graphic design

  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines


  • Motion graphic design. 

In simple words, motion graphic design is a graphic that is in motion. That includes animation, videos, audio, typography, and other effects that go in online and other media. The popularity of motion graphics has increased to a great extent in recent times. 

The motion graphic design function is getting more attention with the improving technicalities and ease of operations. And it has opened a whole new bunch of possibilities and opportunities. 


Examples of motion graphic design

  • Advertisements
  • Animated logos
  • Presentations
  • Promotional videos
  • Apps
  • Video games
  • GIFs


The graphic design field is growing tremendously, and the possibilities and applications are expanding. Having the right knowledge about how to use what type of design in different situations and, depending on the right people to do the work can perform magic for your business. 

Wethinksolution can assist you in doing this and producing the perfect graphic designs according to your needs. For more details contact us.