The area of digital marketing has witnessed very unexpectedly but mind-blowing changes in the past year.  The pandemic shattered the daily lives of the people. It is also affecting businesses and services all around the world. And the firms, in an attempt to survive, have found their solution in a  simple and surprisingly effective area; digital marketing. The new digital marketing trends are what boost the market now. 

Now the pandemic chaos is behind us, but the endless opportunities in digital marketing which emerged are still there. It is time to look ahead to the future and the innovative opportunities it holds for digital marketing.

 2020 was a remarkable year for digital marketing as e-commerce sales hit another horizon, people were spending more time scrolling through social media, and voice and video conferencing became the new normal. And this has changed the way brands connect with their customers.

So as we are now progressing through 2021 towards the ‘normal’ time, let us take a look at the digital marketing trends that will survive and rule the digital marketing world in 2021.

What will be the top 7 digital marketing trends to follow in 2021? Let us see

  • Live streams and influencer content takes the stage. 

The pandemic puts people around the world in a difficult situation where they are unable to see others, yet alone can attend events or celebrations. This state of loneliness increased live streams and video calls. More people opted to do, receive and watch live streams, whether it is a video call with your near and dear, a live video stream of your favorite celebrity, or even an online workshop. The percentage of live viewing increased drastically in social media in the last1 year, and we can expect this trend to continue in 2021. 

Marketers also have identified this trend and are now focusing on influencer live streams, which can create more targeted marketing and trust, as it can connect to the people more than a general advertisement.

  • More goodwill-focused campaigns. 

The one thing that the marketers understand at this time is that the consumers are very much concerned about the brands they follow and also the social and environmental stands they are taking. So, brands have recognized the need to be transparent and ethical to attract more consumers.

Consumers cannot connect with brands if they are in the dark or they are not sincere. They would not invest in something they are not convinced nor trust. That is why brands have to be sincere, and should find ways to Conway this to people. That is why brands are focusing on campaigns that address social-cultural issues and promote them uniquely and innovatively. These help them gain goodwill and trust from people.

  • Featured snippets and no-click searches on trend

For years, SEO was being practiced to get your posts to the NO 1 position in all the search results. And now, in 2021, SEO is more focused on getting to ‘Position Zero’

Position zero refers to the featured snippet of google, and the 2021 SEO marketing trend is prioritizing it the most. Unlike other results, these snippets are separated by a small box.  They are located at the top of the result page. It is also known as a no-click search as it displays all needed information without having to click on it.

Getting into the featured snippets helps your business reach more people and more conversion rates and leads. And position zero is the new target of every SEO post now.

  • Giving importance to sustainability

People are not following brands blindly anymore; a recent study shows that 80% of consumers believe that companies should help improve the environment. 

The need for environmental protection is getting addressed more than before, and everyone wants and expects everyone else to take responsibility for the same. The hunt for a green planet continues. Customers are being a part of it by seeking out brands that are purpose-driven and environment conscious. And brands are taking this opportunity.

Promoting oneself, through expressing social commitment is the new trend in digital marketing, and it will continue in 2021 also. 

  • Increase in voice and visual search

There is an increase in voice search in recent times. Voice-activated tools like Alexa and Google assistant have been the sole companion for people during the lockdown period, and also they are simple and readily available. So, voice search has been raised in the past year and will continue in the future also. 

But it is not just the voice search now. 2021 is going to witness the rise of visual search. Tools like Google lens are going to be the new trend and, it is going to be very important in the SEO game.

  • Easy-to-understand content

2020 also saw the digital marketing trend of sending easy-to-understand content. People leaning on easy-to-consume content – things like podcasts that can be consumed on the go or newsletters that land directly in subscriber’s inboxes, is the new trend of 2021.

  • Ad-blocker challenge

The digital marketing trends of 2021 aren’t all about uniqueness and growth—it is also about overcoming problems like ad blockers. A lot of internet users are using ad blockers, and that is not good for Marketing.

If your ads are being blocked by adblockers,  the best move you could make is to adapt. Stop wasting time trying to convince potential customers to change their preferences. Readjust your advertising to other, more fruitful campaigns, like influencer marketing or sponsored content. It can ensure more focused marketing. 

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